Assignment-project: Sustainable learning

I promised to publish my report on my ITU-project. I finished the project just before Christmas, and I’m now waiting for the exam in end of january.

I haven’t had the ressources to translate the report. It is written in danish, the language og 5 million happy people in the cold North. I put a link to the pdf-file in danish. And I copied the text into three posts on my danish blog,  Google-translate will help you understand something, I hope. My english is not much better than Mr. Google.

The project is titled: ‘Sustainable learning’. Someone wrote ‘sustainable learning’ in a chatbox during an elluminate session, but I can’t remember who, and where. But I kept the words in my memory.

In the project I search arguments for establishing a simple system of free, social tools to support personal learning. Very much inspired by the connectivistic approach and the discussions along the cck08. And supplied with danish, norwegian, german input.

I hope you succeed in reading.


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